Temporarily we are on line only at www.bridgebase.com

Temporarily we are on line only at www.bridgebase.comTemporarily we are on line only at www.bridgebase.com


The Bridge Place is where you can play your favorite game to your heart's content, but we do ask that you observe some basic guidelines. We are a zero tolerance club and have some rules to help you understand what that means. And always remember that Bridge is a GAME that we PLAY. Enjoy yourself!

"Yellow Card" Rules


Say hello to everyone.

You might make someone's day. And please remember to wear your name tag. Not all of us have a memory for names!

Introduce yourself to people you don't know.

They may be your next good friends, or even better, a wonderful future partner.

Be punctual.

Duplicate bridge games are timed games in every section. Being late not only shortens your playing time, but the pair after you as well. Besides, you can't count on Val's sitting in for you until you arrive.

Acknowledge good play by the opponents.

An appreciative nod lets them know their skill has not gone unnoticed.

Smile often.

Remember that song, "Smile though your heart is breaking..."? Down 4? "Smile even though its aching..."

Be understanding.

Everybody makes mistakes, even you.

Be kind and always a good sport.

You will never like everybody, but you can be cordial to all. And nobody likes a boastful winner.

Nobody likes to lose.

Practice grace under fire. Then move on to the next hand.

Respect the directors.

They are here for you. And during the game the director is a dictator. If you want to discuss a decision, do so after the game has finished.

Help those with less experience.

We were all beginners at some point, but "lessons" during the game are not encouraged.

Value your partner.

S/He is the only one in the room on your side.

Save your analysis and lessons for the postmortem.

It would be a shame to have nothing to talk about after the game...besides, what's the ride home for?